William Slatosky

Chief Technical Officer
Venture Engineering
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With two U.S. patents and several awards into his career, Bill Slatosky brings 35 years of experience leading products and teams in the Energy and Engineering fields to Forester University.

Slatosky was one of the first employees to join Venture Engineering, and currently leads the development of technology, intellectual property, and patent portfolios for custom design selective adsorption systems for gas and biogas conditioning, removal of siloxanes, and VOCs using pressure and temperature swing technology.

In addition to Slatosky's project management expertise leading equipment and facility expansion projects, he has received several awards, including: Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification, gold Kaizen Awards, silver Kaizen Awards, and Presidents Award for outstanding performance and contributions at Sony. Additionally, Slatosky's patents include: Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery using Lewis Acid Well Injection, and Apparatus Design for Under-wrapping Shrink Sleeve Packaging.

In addition to award and patent achievements, Mr. Slatosky was featured on a WPGH manufacturing special on CRT and was honor in Japan and on TV news for winning the Presidential Kaizen Award.

Slatosky is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and enjoys skiing, watching Pittsburgh sports teams, and spending time with his four children, in which he is often their shuttle service.