Terrence J. Toy

Consultant; Professor Emeritus,
University of Denver

Terrence J. Toy, Ph.D., CPESC is a retired professor of geomorphology from the University of Denver. Toy was the principal investigator on numerous research grants concerning disturbed lands. Toy is co-author of two books, Geomorphology and Reclamation of Disturbed Lands and Soil Erosion Processes, Prediction, Measurement and Control, as well as author or co-author of several book chapters, and more than 40 professional articles pertaining to erosion, erosion-control, and land reclamation. Toy was co-chair of the committee that developed RUSLE 1.06 for disturbed lands in 1997 and has been involved with RUSLE ever since. Toy has conducted RUSLE training courses for more than 15 years throughout the U.S. as well as in Canada and Brazil; most recently for Sandia National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Toy is the past president of the American Society of Mining and Reclamation, received their Reclamation Researcher of the Year award in 2002, and received the William T. Plass Award for life-time achievement in 2008. Toy has consulted with numerous environmental firms throughout his career. Toy has held CPESC certification since 1988.