Steven I. Apfelbaum, MS

Principal Ecologist, Chairman
Applied Ecological Services AMEC Foster Wheeler
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Steven I. Apfelbaum brings his experience having conducted ecological research, designed award-winning projects, successfully navigated regulatory programs, and contributed his unique creative scientific expertise and enthusiasm to over 7,000 projects throughout North America and beyond to Forester University. Apfelbaum is one of the leading ecological consultants in the U.S., providing technical restoration advice and win-win solutions where ecological and land-development conflicts arise. Apfelbaum has authored hundreds of technical studies, peer-reviewed technical papers, books, reports, ecological restoration plans, and regulatory monitoring and compliance reports. Apfelbaum’s book, Nature’s Second Chance (Beacon Press) won accolades from the New York Times, and was listed as one of the “Top 10 Environmental Books of 2009.” Apfelbaum’s most recent book (co-authored with Alan Haney) – part of a three volume series – Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land (Island Press) has won praise as the first comprehensive ‘how-to’ restoration books for landowners.

Apfelbaum promotes using ecological and conservation design principles in developments, industrial projects and parks that help clients save money while increasing ecological functionality, improving public perception and generating award-winning outcomes. Apfelbaum is also a much sought after speaker at educational events focusing on ecological restoration, ecosystem assessment, alternative stormwater management and conservation development.