Nathan Hardebeck


Nathan Hardebeck brings more than 17 years of experience in the environmental consulting field with an emphasis on BMPs and stormwater program management to Forester University. As principal of CWT, LLC, he provides stormwater management training and technical expertise for public agencies and works on behalf of private clients and industries in the development and implementation of stormwater programs, BMP selection and SWPPPs.

From site audits and annual trainings, to evaluation of sampling protocol and advanced treatment BMPs, Hardebeck has extensive experience with all elements of industrial stormwater management. He serves on stormwater committees and associations supporting manual and training development, BMP implementation, conference agendas, and policy development.

As a certified CESCL instructor and sought after educator with the ability to communicate complex information using real-life examples, Hardebeck provides workshops and trainings on a variety of topics—including erosion control, spill response, sampling, etc.—for construction, industrial, and municipal permittees at conferences, seminars, and symposiums all over the US and Canada. Hardebeck is also a nationally published author and photographer.​