Mark J. Torresani

Senior Project Engineer
Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC.
Madison, Wisconsin
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Senior Project Manager Mark J. Torresani, P.E. from Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. brings to our Forester University faculty 24 years of experience as an engineer and manager on local, regional, national, and international projects dealing with biogas and waste materials. Currently, Mark heads up Cornerstone Environmental Group’s design team for developing biogas-to-vehicle fuel projects and technologies. On the forefront of biogas innovation, Mark’s professional experience includes developing and integrating the design, construction and operation of biogas systems with waste management systems into a comprehensive solution.

As Senior Project Engineer, Mark has worked on numerous biogas projects and has been directly responsible for the planning, design, construction, startup and operations for biogas-to-energy projects. Mark describes his approach to biogas management and beneficial use of biogas as a holistic one which considers all aspects of a project from generation through construction and operations. Key in this pursuit is a constant eye toward innovation and results. Mark’s experience with site design, operations and troubleshooting of existing biogas generation and collections systems provides the foundation for his successful pursuit of new and innovative biogas uses.

University of Wisconsin Madison, 1983, BS Geology and Geophysics University of Wisconsin Madison, 1987, BS Civil and Environmental Engineering