Julie Etra

Founder & Owner
Western Botanical Services Inc.

Julie Etra is the Founder and Owner of Western Botanical Services, Inc. of Reno, Nevada, specializing in developing erosion control strategies and plans; native habitat restoration, enhancement, and creation; botanical surveying and evaluation (rare plant surveys and weed manage­ment plans); wetland delineations; and mitigation planning. With 30 years’ experience in California, Etra has been responsible for successful design and implementation of over 60 erosion control and revegetation projects and numerous vegetation and soil surveys. She has prepared construction drawings and specifications; overseen construction and maintenance; and conducted monitoring to document compliance with performance standards. Etra received her M.S. in Soil and Crop Science from Colorado State University and her B.S. in Environmental Biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Etra’s latest wildfire-related work was as the Revegetation, Erosion Control, and Botanical Specialist for the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act Wildland Fire Ecosystem Restoration Projects, Hawken and Peavine Fires, Washoe County, Nevada.