Judd Goodman

Senior Water Resources Engineer
Geosyntec Consultants

Judd Goodman brings over ten years of experience in planning, design, and adaptive management of surface and potable water systems as a Water Resources Engineer to Forester University. Goodman's professional passion lies in providing flood and erosion protection for the public while preserving natural riparian and earth processes. With Geosyntec Consultants, his most significant technical contributions have been made through solving surface water problems, which require both an engineering and geomorphic perspective.

Goodman has been involved in a variety of projects including Hydromodification planning and impact analysis, stream channel rehabilitation design, geomorphic field assessment and monitoring, erosion and sediment control inspection, design of stormwater management systems, and storm event characterization for litigation support. Project contributions have included project management, hydrologic modeling, hydraulic calculations, sediment budget and transport analysis, geographic data analysis, historical document review, and field reconnaissance.