Jesse Clark

Stream Landscape Architecture and Planning

Jesse is a licensed and registered Colorado Landscape Architect with nearly 20 years of professional experience in project management, design, and construction implementation in public urban and open space environments with a focus on waterway design, natural area restoration, stream channel reclamation, environmental mitigation, municipal parks, and recreation facilities. He has lived in Colorado for 45 years, and is the founder and managing partner of the design and planning firm Stream Landscape Architecture, and his work has been recognized both nationally and locally with awards and publications by ASLA, Landscape Architect magazine, Topos magazine, ColoradoBiz, and others. He has served as an adjunct design studio instructor at the University of Colorado and has been invited on numerous occasions to present on the topic of integrating waterways and recreation facilities as well as sustainable park planning and design including “Sustainable Landscapes: Strategies for Sustainable Park Development”, and “Integrating Multifunctional Recreation Spaces: Replicating Natural Processes in Shoreline Stabilization Design”. His most recent work includes collaboration with stakeholders and engineers to design a 2 mile reach of the Cherry Creek greenway corridor which will enhance trails and recreational amenities, address flood safety and channel stability, and improve water quality and habitat enhancements throughout the greenway.