Jared Higgins, PE, CEM, CPMP, GGP

Mechanical Engineering
Corporate Associate and Team Leader
Parkhill, Smith, & Cooper, Inc.

Jared Higgins, PE, CEM, CPMP, GGP brings over eleven years of experience to Forester University. Higgins is a Corporate Associate and Team Leader for Mechanical Engineering with Parkhill, Smith, & Cooper, Inc. Higgins is a leader in both mechanical systems design and energy services, which includes energy policy and codes. Through his expertise, Higgins initiated the Energy Services Group within PSC to begin providing these services as well as assist with regional education in the trend of energy policy, energy codes, and the role that Net Zero building design will have in the very near future.

Higgins is an advocate of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and the advancement of energy awareness. He initiated his local chapter and served as the inaugural president. Currently, he is serving as a national vice president of the association. Higgins has recognized that the energy conservation code is rapidly changing with each new release. Higgins works to provide education on the current codes as well as help shape energy policy for the future.