Gene L. Rovak

Senior Project Manager
Horner & Shifrin, Inc.

Gene Rovak brings over 40 years of experience with hydraulic and hydrologic analyses to Forester University ranging from regional master planning to individual site drainage projects. Rovak performs watershed analyses, master planning studies, drainage design and construction documents for infrastructure systems, working with many hydraulic and hydrologic computer models for steady, unsteady, and network flow simulations. Rovak developed original computer models for analysis of multi-basin two-way unsteady flows prior to their availability from commercial vendors or public agencies, and utilizes computer modeling to determine behavior of Post Construction Best Management Practices.

Rovak's involvement with stormwater best management practices developed as an extension of his years of stormwater design and analyses and continues to the present day. Prior to their required inclusion for agency approvals, his projects have included LID and water quality features, from the major design feature of a large athletic complex to personal development of a 400-sq-ft residential rain garden and its improvement over a ten-year period.

Rovak resides in Creve Couer, Missouri. His community activities follow his professional practice and include previous service as the city's stormwater committee chairman, and service as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner. He has presented at numerous symposia, conferences, and workshops on hydrology, hydraulics, and site drainage topics.

Rovak has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Washington University and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Missouri, Illinois, and Maryland and an ASFPM Certified Floodplain Manager.