DeAna Vitela-Hayashi

AquaBio Environmental Technologies

Since 1987, DeAna Vitela-Hayashi has been an inventor and pioneer in the research, development, and application of beneficial microbial products and sustainable technologies for the degradation of environmental pollutants. Her specialty is water and soil remediation using Bioremediation, Phyotoremediation, and Biomimicry.

Over the years, Ms. Vitela has consulted for environmental, engineering, and remediation firms; stormwater retention basins, lakes, and aqua culture facilities; and in both fresh and marine environments as well as municipal and industrial facilities; city and state parks; waste treatment facilities; confined animal feed operations; and agriculture, landfill, and compost facilities. She has also been involved in City, State, and Federal Task Forces concerning water reclamation and treatment of water impoundments, wastewater lagoons, and effluents from urban runoff and waste treatment facilities.

As CEO of AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc. and AquaBio Habitat Restoration and Watershed Management Division, her company has continued this process of cleaning up and managing California lakes and reservoirs.