David Liguori

NRMCA Certified Craftsman
Founder and President
Bay Area Pervious Concrete

David Liguori is the founder and president of Bay Area Pervious Concrete and is an industry leader in developing pervious concrete stormwater management systems. Over the past 13 years, David has worked with pervious concrete and has played a key role in both the advancement of the material technology as well as its growing acceptance within the building community. One of the few NRMCA Certified Craftsman in Northern California, David is a contributing member of ACI 522 Pervious Concrete Committee, the National Pervious Concrete Pavement Association Board of Directors, and the NPCPA education committee. He was part of the industry advisory group on the Caltrans permeable pavement guidelines and is currently working with the California Nevada Cement Association, as well as the City of San Francisco, on updates to their pervious concrete specifications.