David Hein, P. Eng.

Principal Pavement Engineer
Vice President of Transportation
Applied Research Associates (ARA)
Vice President
ASCE Transportation and Development Institute

David Hein, P. Eng.Principal EngineerApplied Research Associates Asset Management GroupPresidentASCE Transportation and Development InstituteDavid Hein brings more than 3 decades of experience in roadway and permeable pavement engineering and transportation infrastructure asset management to Forester University. Hein is the president of the American Society of Civil Engineers Transportation and Development Institute that has developed a consensus standard for the design, construction, and maintenance of permeable pavements and leads the Applied Research Associates, Inc. Asset Management Group, which is extensively involved in roadway design, construction and management at the federal, provincial/state, and local levels.Hein is the former chair of the World Road Association Pavements Committee, the current director of the Falling Weight Deflectometer Users’ Group, and a member of the WRA Asset Management Committee. He has also developed numerous tools and guidelines for the design and construction of permeable pavements, including the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute’s Permeable DesignPro software application, which is the most widely used tool for the design and construction of permeable interlocking concrete pavements