Daryl R. O’Dell

P.E., P.Eng.
Cornerstone Environmental Group LLC

Daryl O’Dell brings over 13 years of experience in the construction industry in solid waste engineering, permitting, and landfill design to Forester University. O’Dell is a licensed professional engineer in New York, New Jersey, and Alberta, Canada, and a member of the New Jersey Chapter of SWANA.

O’Dell’s work includes the design and permitting for solid waste facilities and construction quality assurance, including GCCS design, landfill gas generation modeling, hydraulic and hydrologic analysis and design, design of landfill baseliners, final cover systems, grading, settlement analysis, leachate collection systems, and statistical analysis of both ground and surface water quality. O’Dell also served as manager of a construction materials testing laboratory, and is familiar with New York State, New Jersey, and federal codes and has experience with interpretation of specifications, code compliance recommendations, and site supervision.