Bruce Kania

Floating Island International, Inc

A native of Wisconsin, Bruce earned a Bachelor's degree in Social Studies at UW Madison before moving to Montana, where he has lived since 1976. In his professional career as an inventor, Bruce has successfully drawn on his passion for outdoor pursuits and environmental concerns to create ground-breaking products that positively impact the lives of others and the world we live in. Named on some 70 patent applications, he is well versed in invention, product development, and product launch, with a particular business focus on licensing.

In 2005, Floating Island International was founded to commercialize Bruce’s newest product, BioHaven floating islands. Today, it has six licensed manufacturers throughout the world and a network of distributors satisfying project requirements. BioHavens are based on an inert form of recycled plastic and represent a cost-effective means by which nature’s wetland effect can be brought into almost any waterway. Today, there are nearly 8,000 BioHavens launched, cleaning up and beautifying water around the world.