Armand E. Lembo, Jr.

Lemcor, Inc.

Armand E. Lembo, Jr. is president of Lemcor, Inc., a solid waste transfer station and materials recovery facility in Newark, New Jersey. Mr. Lembo and his family reside at the jersey shore. Lembo was evacuated twice under emergent conditions during and after Hurricane Sandy and his facility played a large part in the cleanup of the State. Post Hurricane Sandy Lemcor's capacity tripled and Lembo ran his business while his own family was displaced. Lembo also serves as Chairman of the New Jersey chapter of the National Solid Waste Management Association and is an active member of its legislative steering committee. He also has advised, authored, and co-authored state and federal testimony of elected officials and corporate leaders on the subject of waste industry issues. Mr. Lembo is an active community leader, and has been a consistent fundraiser for dozens of charities in New Jersey and New York. He currently serves on the Chairman's Council for Gift of Life International, and is a former executive board member for the Monmouth Council of the Boy Scouts of America.