Andy Hornbuckle

Team Leader Asia Pacific – Water Quality
SPEL Environmental Integrated Water Solutions

Andy Hornbuckle has been associated with SPEL Environmental since 2008, and his mission is to engender and maintain a culture of ingenuity within the industry and SPEL that continuously contributes to improving the worlds water and wastewater quality and compliance standards. Andy is deeply passionate about the stormwater industry, investing extensively into strategy planning, research, and funding of water quality improvement technology and water sensitive urban design measures.

The SPEL R&D team in conjunction with multiple academic research partners has initiated a series of field research and evaluation projects on SPEL products including, but not limited to, Floating Wetlands with a goal of benefiting the industry and gathering environmental scientific data that is rigorous, transparent and independent.

Andy is an Adjunct Research Fellow to the University of Sunshine Coast and their Storm Water Research Group where at any given time there is approximately 10 or more flow weighted stormwater research projects running.