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5 Steps to Creating a Successful Public Outreach Campaign


Change starts with people. Whether your focus is stormwater pollution, energy conservation, pavement restoration, or recycling, a successful public outreach campaign resonates with your target audience and leads to long-lasting behavior change. Join Erica Mahgerefteh of SGA to explore a proven 5-step approach to crafting a successful outreach campaign based on real-world examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

From tactics that have proven to be successful to common pitfalls to avoid, it’s about getting results using the people approach. Join Mahgerefteh to explore the 5-step real-world tested framework of crafting an effective campaign, including: setting baseline measures, identifying the target audience, crafting the messages, implementing the campaign, and conducting a post-evaluation.

We’ll discuss each step based on case studies that have proven successful, as well as others ending in failure (or as we like to refer to: the good, the bad, and the ugly) so as to demonstrate the choices in outreach roads and their possible final destinations. Participants will walk away from the presentation with a solid understanding of public outreach basics, an applicable 5-step plan, and answers to questions like “what is the single most effective way to change a person’s behavior?”

Instructor: Erica Mahgerefteh, Strategic Director, S. Groner Associates
This webcast will be led by Erica Mahgerefteh, Strategic Director at S. Groner Associates, who employs a unique blend of social psychology (i.e. how to influence people’s behaviors), marketing principles, and real world experience in implementing and overseeing dozens of outreach programs in municipalities throughout California. Read Erica Mahgerefteh’s faculty bio.

Learning Objectives
Webcast attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives:

  • Understanding of the 5 steps needed to craft an outreach campaign including evaluation, messaging, target audience analysis, and implementation
  • Understanding of the 3 strategies that cause public outreach campaigns to fail and how to avoid them
  • Practical understanding of the dos and don'ts of public outreach at the municipal level
  • Understanding of the single most effective tool in changing a person's behavior

* Presentations are scheduled for approximately one hour with a 15-20 minute question and answer session to follow. Presentation may exceed scheduled time. 
* Each state and certification agency has different requirements; it is your responsibility to know what they are. Note that 1 PDH = 0.1 CEU.

On-Demand Webcast
Session: 1 H 30 M
Lectures: 1
Credits: 1 PDH / 0.1 CEU

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