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Developing and Managing Your SWPPP & After the Notice of Termination


Calling all multiple site property owners, HOAs, facility managers, retail facility maintenance professionals, developer managed properties, municipalities, industrial facilities, etc…

Join Forester University for this educational, two-part webinar as returning speaker and stormwater consultant Anna Griggs provides you with a start-to-finish look at the SWPPP and Notice of Termination (NOT) process!

Developing and Managing Your SWPPP
Take away a better understanding of the federally required SWPPP implementation and inspections, when these inspections should be done, and the frequency! The federal NPDES program now requires all Phase II MS4 post construction and retrofit projects to implement regular/annual inspections and maintenance of installed stormwater systems. Additionally, many ‘local’ municipalities have their own requirements for annual inspections and maintenance beyond the federal requirements. These regulations are a method for the municipalities to assure the local waterways are not being compromised pursuant to the objective of the Clean Water Act—through the NPDES Phase II program.

After the Notice of Termination
Through regular inspections and maintenance of your stormwater system, your property can maintain regulatory compliance as well as extend the life cycle of the system! Extending the life cycle of the system can be obtained through proper inspection at the Notice of Termination (NOT) and implementation of an adequate maintenance and minor repair program immediately after key turnover. In most cases an aggressive proactive maintenance and inspection plan will divert larger repair costs and help reverse the effects of poor or lack of minor repairs. In the long run, a properly managed maintenance and repair program reduces overall costs of the system. Real examples of progressive programs as well as the expensive results of neglecting a stormwater system will be presented.

Learning Objectives

  • Permitting and SWPPP Development
    • Which sites require a permit, who are the permitting authorities, and how to apply for a permit
    • Contents of a SWPPP
  • Compliance and Inspections during construction
    • Schedule
    • Areas to inspect
    • Corrective Actions
    • Documentation
    • Reporting
  • BMP installation and site plan overview
  • Closing out the SWPPP, the NOT process

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On-Demand Webcast
Session: 3 H 00 M
Lectures: 2
Credits: 2 PDH / 0.2 CEU

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