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Stream Restoration: Stream Classification and Geometric Determinations (Webinar)


Between balancing the complex physical and biological elements and attaining needed improvements, stream restoration can be challenging.

But water resources expert and prolific speaker Dr. David T. Williams is here to help! Join Forester University for this live, educational, two-part webinar as Dr. Williams walks through an actual stream restoration project and discusses the important ingredients to a successful project.

Whether new to a stream restoration team or just needing a refresher, this course provides an overview of the stream restoration process from assessing the need for rehabilitation to design (with project construction plans).

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Learning Objectives

The major stream restoration design areas we will cover for the example stream restoration project include:

  • Determining the need for a restoration project
  • Determining design discharge required for main channel geometric design and overbanks areas
  • Development of the main channel width, depth, and slope based upon the appropriate design discharge
  • Stream classification of the project utilizing the Rosgen Stream Classification System
  • Use of Natural Channel Design concepts to determine the features of the restoration project
  • Requirements for maintenance and follow-up activities
  • Example drawings for important features of the restoration project

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Upcoming Webinars
June 29 & July 1, 11am PDT / 2pm EDT
Session: 3 H 00 M
Lectures: 2
Credits: 2 PDH / 0.2 CEU

Jun 29 - Jul 01, 2021 ($129.00)


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