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Communication – The Most Important (and Overlooked) Construction Site BMP


If contractors are going to protect the environment at construction sites, then communication with designers, reviewers, and inspectors specifying what is to be achieved, approved, and observed must occur. Sadly, communication has devolved to a point where completing these critical tasks is being compromised.

Join Forester University for this live, educational webinar as prolific speaker Jerald S. Fifield (Ph.D., CISEC, HydroDynamics Incorporated) reviews EPA’s 2017 Construction General Permit (as modified) to assess what is required of project operators, designers, reviewers, and inspectors.

Discussion Topics will include:

  • Limitations on illustrating, requiring, and installing silt fence and/or fiber rolls (a.k.a. wattles) barriers
  • Pitfalls of developing and reviewing a SWPPP with accompanying sediment and erosion control plans by meeting requirements found on a preconceived check list
  • The 2017 CGP (as modified) requirements to become a designer, reviewer, or inspector
  • Why the circle of communication and cooperation is essential to minimizing the discharge of pollutants from construction sites

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about “common sense” requirements of the 2017 CGP (as modified)
  • Know EPA’s requirements to become a designer, reviewer, or inspector
  • Understand why communication is important when selecting BMPs
  • Discover why the circle of communication is critical in protecting the environment

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