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Funding Your Solid Waste Utility Through Good Times and Bad


Join Forester University and speaker Dave Yanke (Managing Director - Environmental Practice, NewGen Strategies & Solutions) for this live, educational webinar!

We will describe the process you should undertake to identify the “total cost” (operating and capital costs) for running your solid waste utility and how to create a forecast of its costs for a five- or ten-year period so as to develop a comprehensive financial plan.

This course will also explain how to identify the cost of each of your utility’s “services” (residential garbage collection, residential recycling collection, commercial front load garbage collection, etc.) as well as the importance of reserve funds, policy issues that may arise while conducting the study, and how to design rates that protect the financial integrity of the utility.


  1. Development of a solid waste budget
       a. Operating costs
       b. Capital costs (debt, pay-as-you-go, grants, etc.) and developing a Capital Improvement Plan
  2. Identification of Service Categories (collection, including: residential recycling, residential garbage, brush, and bulky; transfer station; landfill; etc.)
  3. Allocation of costs between service categories
  4. Cost of Service Determined
  5. Reserve Funds and their Role in the Utility
  6. Policy Issues
  7. Rate Design

Learning Objectives :

  • Learn how to develop a financial plan that forecasts your utility’s operating and capital costs for a five- or ten-year period
  • Understand how to quantify the annual operating and capital costs for each solid waste and recycling service provided by your utility
  • Know what reserves your utility should have and the funding levels for them
  • Explore how to address a variety of policy issues that may be relevant to your utility

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* Presentations are scheduled for approximately one hour with a 15-20 minute question and answer session to follow. Presentations may exceed scheduled time. * Each state and certification agency have different requirements; it is your responsibility to know what they are. Note that 1 PDH = 0.1 CEU. * Purchase of this course allows you access to the presentation(s) for 6 months from the order date.

On-Demand Webcast
Session: 1 H 30 M
Lectures: 1
Credits: 1 PDH / 0.1 CEU

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