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Addressing Aging Stormwater Infrastructure in the Face of Climate Change & Extreme Weather Events


Sponsored by: AQUALIS

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Hurricanes are stronger, wetter, and moving more slowly than ever before. Forest fires are raging across the US, causing hydrophobic conditions, and seasonal rain events are producing historic amounts of stormwater runoff. If that was not enough, predictions for the winter of 2020 are setting the stage for warmer climates and quickly melting snow, further stressing stormwater control measures (SCMs). The 100-year storm that stormwater infrastructure was designed for is now occurring every ten years, overwhelming systems and impacting local watersheds with more contaminants, nutrients, and sediments from increases in stormwater runoff.

How do we act and respond?

Aging-infrastructure across our nation is already a significant risk. As these structures are being repaired, retrofitted, and redesigned taking into consideration new rainfall predictions and climate change forecasts are all solutions to protecting our most natural resource: water.

This FREE, live, educational webinar hosted by Forester University, sponsored by AQUALIS, and presented by Erin Zaske (Chief Development Officer, AQUALIS) will focus on how systems can be rehabbed to be better equipped for more considerable stormwater runoff, how to prepare systems for more frequent historic rain events, and the importance of maintenance to prevent failures that can lead to flooding and contaminated waterways.

Learning Objectives 

  • Review the current challenges stormwater is facing due to climate change
  • Learn how the stormwater industry can adapt to rainfall capacity changes and the importance of frequent maintenance to avoid flood catastrophes
  • Discover how technology can assist in predicting, monitoring, tracking rain fall to mitigate flooding risks and overall repair costs
  • Understand how to prepare your SCMs for historic rain events to mitigate flooding and reduce repair costs

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