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Only You Can Prevent Landfill Fires: Risk Reduction and Prevention BMPs


Programming Note: This course is Session 4 of our four-part Latest Advances in Landfill Fire Control Webinar Series that also includes The Five Step Method to Landfill Fire Suppression, Controlling the Burn: Landfill Fire Suppression Strategies, and Protecting Your Team: Landfill Fire Health and Safety. Sign up for the entire series to receive a built-in 20% discount and earn 4 PDH / 0.4 CEU!

What is the best approach to managing landfill fires? Prevention, of course!

This may sound like the obvious solution. But when you are dealing with a large team of on-site equipment operators and various types of operating equipment and materials within your landfill, it can be challenging to get everyone on board with a prevention and risk-reduction strategy that suits your team and the state of your facility.

Join Forester University and returning speaker Dr. Tony Sperling, P.Eng., for this live, educational webinar outlining the important steps landfill managers can take to dramatically reduce the risk of a major fire.

We will examine managing different waste types and identifying high-risk wastes as well as discuss compaction, cover material and fire breaks, operation and monitoring of the LFG system, and preventative monitoring of subsurface gases and temperatures at your landfill site.

A case study of a major landfill operation in the Bahamas will illustrate how operational best practices can reduce fire risk. 

Learning Objectives:
By participating in this webinar, attendees will:

  • Identify the steps you can take to reduce the risk of a major fire at your facility
  • Understand why some types of daily and intermediate cover present a fire risk
  • Examine how landfill management, gas detection and collection, compaction, and application of cover materials all play important parts in prevention
  • Know how to train your staff to identify overheating conditions
  • Explore fire safety audits and the checklist of factors that are inspected at landfills
  • Learn about setting up an effective training program for landfill staff and first responders

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* Presentations are scheduled for approximately one hour with a 15-20 minute question and answer session to follow. Presentation may exceed scheduled time. 
* Each state and certification agency has different requirements; it is your responsibility to know what they are. Note that 1 PDH = 0.1 CEU.
* Purchase of this course allows you access to the presentation(s) for 6 months from the order date.

On-Demand Webcast
Lectures: 1
Session: 1 H 30 M
Credits: 1 PDH / 0.1 CEU

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