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Why BMPs Do Not Prevent Erosion or Sediment Discharges


Contrary to popular belief and practice, vegetation does not prevent erosion or sediment discharges. Similarly, protecting inlets with barriers in front of some storm sewer curb openings may result in downstream flooding and increased compliance violations.

Become aware of BMP limitations when designing and/or reviewing S&EC plans or installing and/or inspecting mitigation measures meant to protect our nation’s water bodies!

Join Forester University for this live, educational webinar as best-selling author and returning speaker Jerald S. Fifield, Ph.D., CISEC, discusses important considerations when selecting construction site BMPs. This presentation will demonstrate why BMPs mandated for installation on construction sites often fail to prevent erosion and/or sediment discharges during rainfall, runoff, and wind events and review commonly used BMPs for sediment control to reveal why requiring contractors to “prevent the discharge of sediment from construction sites” ensures that they will continually be out of compliance.

When SWPPPs illustrate the use of BMPs for erosion control that are better suited for sediment control, noncompliance situations are inevitable. Attendees will learn why installing secondary sediment control BMPs in conjunction with effective erosion control measures can actually increase the likelihood of noncompliant conditions.

If you are a designer, reviewer, contractor, or inspector, then this course is for you!

Learning Objectives
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives.

  • Understand the differences between sediment and erosion control
  • Become familiar with limitations of commonly used BMPs found on construction sites
  • Learn why BMPs cannot prevent erosion or stop sediment discharges
  • Discover why requiring specific BMPs may actually result in increased non compliance situations

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