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The True Value of Green Buildings: The Hidden 95%


The value of green buildings extends far beyond just water and energy savings. In fact, there is a suite of financial, social, and environmental benefits generated from green construction projects that can make high performance buildings more financially viable than traditional designs.

Introducing business cases and triple bottom line cost benefit analysis (TBL-CBA) for green buildings!

Join Forester University and returning speaker Simon Fowell, Economist at Autocase, for this live, educational webinar as we unearth the many benefits created by green buildings and enable you to value them in dollar terms in order to make the financial case for sustainable investments.

Mr. Fowell—a professional, graduate-trained economist with extensive experience in the economics of building design, construction, and operations—will present relevant case studies in an effort to show real-life examples. He has established the following goals for this course:

  • Expose participants to the concept of business case analysis, including the different types of assessments commonly used to craft objective, transparent, and comparable cases.
  • Define what a green—or high performance—building is and provide insights into the types of financial, social, and environmental benefits created by them.
  • Teach attendees how to measure the value of energy investments as well as investments that improve employee health and productivity.

Also be sure to check out Mr. Fowell’s spring 2019 webinar, Revealing the Full Value of Green Stormwater Infrastructure, now available on-demand!

Learning Objectives
By participating in this webinar, attendees will:

  • Define and identify what a high performance building is in the real world
  • Gain a working knowledge of the benefits created by green buildings and understand how to value them in dollar terms
  • Learn how to prepare an outline of a business case for green construction projects
  • Act on potential opportunities in your day-to-day life that require cost-justification of sustainable investments

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