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Maximizing and Managing Landfill Airspace


When it comes to landfill management, airspace is critical. Airspace is your most valuable resource and, when managed well, it can extend the life of your landfill, improve efficiency, and cut costs.

However, while every landfill has a specific development plan (i.e., fill sequence plan) that shows roads, buildings, drainage ditches, and estimated volumes, many simply fail to address airspace.

To properly account for airspace, you need an operations-savvy airspace management plan (AMP). This plan should include both short- and long-term operational planning and sequencing in an effort to optimize density, maximize landfill life, and establish a development timeline.

Additionally, translating technical engineering documents to your crew, many of whom may not know how to read these types of drawings, poses a unique challenge. This is where sophisticated tools—such as virtual reality, 3D images, and wind mapping—can help operators and crew members better visualize what they are building.

Join Forester University for this live, educational webinar as speaker and solid waste consultant Troy Kechely discusses the importance of airspace management planning, the new technologies available to enhance and support engineering drawings, and how to take a short- and long-term approach to managing your most precious asset.

This course will illustrate how important airspace and the implementation of an AMP are to your waste site’s performance, productivity, and, ultimately, success!

Learning Objectives
By participating in this webinar, attendees will:

  • Learn why airspace is a landfill’s most valuable resource
  • Discover why site development plans are not enough to effectively manage airspace
  • Understand what an airspace management plan is and why landfills need one
  • Explore innovative technologies that can enhance airspace management planning

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