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Electric Utility Distribution Planning: New Players, New Skills, and Old Mountains


The electricity utility business is in the midst of transformational change. The old utility paradigm of forecasting ever-growing demand for electricity as a commodity and then building generation and infrastructure to meet that forecast is giving way to a new business model. Today, demand is not growing, the generation sector faces profound cost pressure, and customers enjoy increasing opportunities to invest in and operate distributed generation and many other types of distributed energy resources.

Regardless of differences in the pace and extent of change among the states in the US, one thing is certain: We will have monopoly electric distribution grid operators for the foreseeable future. And these operators must master planning much more complex, interactive, and rapidly evolving grids. Done well, electric utility distribution planning can enable a cost-effective, secure, and reliable transformation to the grid of the future.

Join Forester University for this live, educational webinar as speaker Karl R. Rábago, Executive Director of the Pace Energy and Climate Center, imagines a bright future for electric utility distribution planning. In this future, utilities will be able to meet customer and policymaker demands for a grid that is robust and resilient under a wide range of conditions, maximizes the benefits of cost-effective distributed energy resources, reduces the environmental damages associated with electricity service, and increases customer choice and engagement with the grid.

This course will review the major dynamics in play in the electric utility industry and the implications for distribution system planning.

Want to brush up on your energy knowledge prior to taking this session? Check out this student resource guide that Karl created just for you!

Learning Objectives
By participating in this webinar, attendees will:

  • Explore the major drivers of change in the electric utility industry today
  • Discover the potential benefits of improved electric utility distribution planning in today’s rapidly changing industry
  • Learn which new and improved skills will be required to conduct effective electric utility distribution planning

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