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Utility-Scale Microgrids: Time for a New Regulatory Compact?


Electricity regulation has remained mostly unchanged for the last 100 years.

Generally speaking, states enter into “regulatory compacts” with electric utilities. Under the current model, the state grants the utility an exclusive franchise right to provide electric service to customers within a specific service territory in exchange for the utility consenting to be regulated by the state.

This monopolistic regulation allows the electric utility to be vertically integrated, meaning that it owns the generation assets, the transmission lines, and the distribution system. In turn, the barriers to entry for utility-scale microgrids owned by third-parties are extraordinarily high. In markets where competition has been introduced, the traditional electric utility must divest its generation assets, making it difficult for an electric utility to own all the components of a utility-scale microgrid by itself.

Join Forester University for this live, educational webinar as speaker Patrick L. Morand discusses the need for a new regulatory compact that would allow for the development of utility-scale microgrids by traditional electric utilities and third-parties alike.

This course will use several different states’ microgrid projects as case studies to illustrate how the present regulatory compact affects utility-scale microgrids. It will detail which crucial changes are required—and how they can best be implemented—to allow for the more widespread deployment of these revolutionary systems.

Learning Objectives
By participating in this webinar, attendees will:

  • Obtain a broad understanding of the regulatory history of electricity in the United States
  • Learn how that history has resulted in the current “regulatory compact” model with utilities, including key concepts such as ratemaking and exclusive franchise rights
  • Identify how the introduction of competition has resulted in regulated and deregulated markets at both the wholesale and retail levels
  • Examine actual microgrid projects in several different states to see how the current regulatory compact applies to utility-scale microgrids
  • Discover how changes to that regulatory compact are required to allow for the proliferation of utility-scale microgrids

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