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Water Resource Recovery via BioHaven Floating Islands


As regulations tighten, an increased number of small wastewater facilities in the northern United States are becoming out of compliance with key water-quality parameters. Moreover, these same wastewater systems, particularly lagoon-based facilities, are faced with limited budgets and have only land application as a resource recovery option.

But what if there was a way for small wastewater systems to better meet total maximum daily load (TMDL) standards while also enjoying new revenue streams that promise to pay for entire projects?

Join Forester University for this live educational webinar, as presenter Bruce Kania, CEO of Floating Island International, discusses his business’ Water Resource Recovery (WRR) initiative aimed at bringing revenue to small wastewater facilities. This course will feature the company’s BioHaven® brand of floating island, a platform for solar power as well as propagation and harvest of commercially valuable landscape trees and plants. We will detail the benefits of the BioHaven WRR system and its configuration, including enhanced cold weather ammonia and phosphorus removal and more.

Discover how the BioHaven WRR system functions as a great equalizer that will favorably impact the economics associated with small village wastewater systems. Also find how, with smart collaboration between small wastewater systems and large point-source emitters within watersheds, new TMDL standards are now within reach.

Learning Objectives
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following:

  • Learn how floating treatment wetland technology brings a new resource recovery capability to the lagoon-based wastewater market, with enumeration of key constraints and opportunities associated with specific marketable plants and trees
  • Obtain an overview of how solar energy can be employed to provide critical heat during wintertime in and around the biofilm reactive surface area associated with BioHaven floating islands and plants contained within and immediately below them
  • Discover the energy conservation potential associated with full or partial BioHaven coverage of final pond-in-series systems
  • Identify collaboration constraints and opportunities within watersheds to address more rigorous TMDL standards
  • Compare how floating wetlands perform wastewater treatment with natural wetlands and activated sludge systems
  • Understand the parameters for successful deployment of FTWs in wastewater lagoons

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