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Putting Geosynthetics to Work in Pavement Applications


Pavements have been used to transport goods and people for thousands of years. At its height, the Roman Empire had more than 50,000 miles of roadways in Europe and Northern Africa constructed using loosely cemented stone and aggregate layers. Since then, the need to minimize material use, control the flow of water, and reinforce pavement has led to rapid advancements in the use of geosynthetics.

Join returning speaker David Hein, P.Eng., as we examine the primary types of geosynthetics, guidelines for their successful use in pavement applications, common testing and acceptance procedures, and lessons learned from real-world examples.

We’ll kick off this training webinar with an overview of the history of the use of geosynthetics in pavement applications, the basic types of geosynthetics (e.g. geotextiles, grids, membranes, cells, mats, blankets, etc.), and their typical uses. We’ll then discuss how geosynthetics were developed to minimize construction materials, stiffen and separate pavement layers from the subgrade, and control the flow of water though pavements. Next, we’ll move on to how geosynthetics are currently used in a variety of pavement applications (e.g. pavement and subgrade layer separation, structural reinforcing, filtration, etc.) before taking a look at a series of photos to identify geosynthetic material selection, use, and placement best practices. We’ll wrap up the webinar by walking through the most effective inspection and testing techniques and how geosynthetic specifications can make (or break) pavement quality.

Learning Objectives 
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives:

  •  Understand the basic types and typical uses of geosynthetics
  • Learn the best practices for geosynthetic material selection
  • Identify critical issues for successful geosynthetic use and placement
  • Understand the most effective inspection and testing techniques
  • Discover the role of specifications in terms of improving quality of pavements

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