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Go Lean, Get Green—Planning for More Profit with Lean Construction


Sponsored by: Procore Technologies, Inc.

What is “Lean” construction and why is it gaining popularity? The concept is simple enough: maximize value and minimize waste. But successful execution of lean construction is not so simple—it involves a completely different approach to project delivery, and there isn’t one sure-fire way to go about it. So…how can you properly implement lean construction within your organization to increase profits?

Get in on the conversation in our FREE educational webinar exploring the benefits, principles, and procedures of lean construction, as well as how you can apply it to eliminate excess waste, perfect workflow from project to project, and increase productivity and profit margins.

Construction process improvement expert Eddie Martinez will kick off this webinar with an overview of the history, key elements, and advantages of lean philosophy. We’ll then jump into the lean construction principles: customer focus; culture and people; workplace organization and standardization; elimination of processes; and continuous improvement. Within this discussion, we’ll dissect each principle, its benefits, and real-world applications for construction organizations. We’ll also walk through the simple procedures at the core of lean construction that are designed to eliminate operational waste as well as enhance workflow efficiency and workforce productivity. Next, we’ll discuss how you can identify project value from a client’s point of view, pinpoint processes needed to deliver that value, and uncover unnecessary waste (e.g. “just in case” inventory, waiting, extra movement, etc.). We’ll wrap up the webinar by exploring how you can achieve a continuous workflow that is reliable and predictable, use pull planning and scheduling, and perfect your lean construction processes through continuous improvement.

Learning Objectives
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives:

  1. Implement lean thinking to your construction processes
  2. Apply lean construction principles and procedures to improve productivity and profits
  3. Identify value from a client’s point of view and processes to deliver that value
  4. Perfect your lean construction processes by continually making improvements to further eliminate waste and add value

Sponsored by:

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