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Surface Water - Webinar Series


Explore the ins and outs of surface water from the first rain drops to stream restoration!

Join industry expert and former two-time IECA president, Dr. David T. Williams, for our comprehensive 4-part webinar series exploring surface water behavior, effects, and techniques.

We'll start with a look at rainfall and runoff (hydrology) and move on to an overview of the science concerned with the mechanical influence of water flow (hydraulics). We’ll then examine how water changes the local river environment (fluvial geomorphology), and finally, discuss how all of these concepts are applied to stream restoration.

Offering an end-to-end look at surface water, this series is a great resource for professionals entering or working within the water, erosion control, and riverine environments who are interested in brushing up on the fundamentals, exploring the techniques available, and discussing real-world application best practices.

This webinar series consists of eight 1.5-2 hour live and on-demand presentations and Q&A sessions (two sessions per topic, 12 PDHs / 1.2 CEU total) focusing on the following topics.

All sessions are available live and on-demand so you may attend at your leisure, and are accompanied by a quiz to test your skills. Learning on your own at home online, or with a group, Forester University's Surface Water Webinar Series is designed as an interactive experience with the leading expert in the field.

Learning Objectives
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives:

  • Learn the fundamentals of the hydrologic cycle.
  • Understand the meaning of hydrologic terms and how they are used in hydrology.
  • Learn the fundamentals of hydraulics.
  • Understand the meaning of hydraulic terms and how they are used in river and erosion design.
  • Learn fluvial geomorphology concepts and terms.
  • Understand the fundamental forces of nature that determine the forms of a river.
  • Learn the best practices in planning a stream restoration project from beginning to the end.
  • Understand the key design areas, computations, and tools in stream restoration.

Train Your Team
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* Presentations are scheduled for approximately one hour and 30 minutes with a 15-20 minute question and answer session to follow. Presentation may exceed scheduled time. 
* Each state and certification agency has different requirements; it is your responsibility to know what they are. Note that 1 PDH = 0.1 CEU.
* Purchase of this course allows you access to the presentation(s) for 6 months from the order date.

On-Demand Webcast Series
Session: 12 H 0 M
Lectures: 8
Credits: 12 PDH / 1.2 CEU

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