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5 Must-Knows to Blunder-Proof Your Communications


Have you ever been stunned by a negative reaction to your immaculately prepared and technically flawless presentation? Do you find yourself circling back with employees to clarify your meaning or important instructions? Or perhaps you find yourself spending valuable time and political capital convincing clients and management of the value you bring to the table. Ring any bells?

Join author, marketer, and veteran speaker Melanie Goetz for a live and on-demand webinar exploring how you can transform frustration into success with modifications to your communication methods that are easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to apply—no matter the setting. Through real-life examples and proven communication strategies, we’ll discuss how to powerfully convey the value of your ideas and gain support and respect from any audience or clientele.

Ramping up your communication skills can help you identify and answer simple (and seemingly obvious) questions that too often go unasked, leaving your audience bewildered and unsatisfied:

  • In what situations should you reveal the good news before the bad (and vice versa)?
  • What common pitfalls almost inevitably lead to miscommunication?
  • How can apologizing taint your image and debase your personal value in business settings?
  • How can you best avoid being sidetracked to focus only on the central messages?
  • Why are stories more memorable and infinitely more persuasive than “Just the Facts”?

If you’ve ever felt frustrated by confusion or rejection in the wake of your communication efforts, now’s the time to communicate the value of you with blunder-proof strategies.

Learning Objectives 
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives.

  • Learn how to effectively convey the value of your ideas to minimize confusion and opposition.
  • Examine when and how to communicate bad news depending on content and intensity.
  • Explore the perils of miscommunication and how to prevent workplace conflict.
  • Learn how apologizing can ruin your value in a business setting and the alternatives to save face.
  • Determine the causes of distraction and how to avoid them to improve communications.
  • Evaluate the power of persuasion using storytelling compared to focusing only on the facts.

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