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Field Monitoring of Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices: Lessons from Down Under


Understanding flow-weighted field testing of stormwater quality improvement devices begins with a five year journey in Australia. From overcoming physical and hydraulic challenges, to finding the right equipment and keeping it operational, this journey was fraught with challenges when trying to capture every precious rain event. In the end, it was all worth it, as it yielded very surprising results that will help shape the way stormwater treatment is applied in the future.

Join Asia Pacific stormwater researcher, Andy Hornbuckle, as we discuss the challenges of pioneering flow-weighted field testing of stormwater quality improvement devices, how those challenges were overcome, and the lessons learned over the course of a five year journey. Specifically, we’ll examine the development of an Australian field testing protocol as well as the practical and physical implementation of the field testing of pit baskets, filters, oily water separators and gross pollutant traps, modular bioretention, and floating wetlands.

We’ll kick off this online training webinar by examining the development of the field testing protocol, which was taken from a literature review of international protocols. Next, we’ll discuss the servicing and maintenance of tipping bucket rain gauges, flow meters, and automated samplers and how if even one part of the system malfunctions, a qualifying rain event can be compromised. We’ll then explore how more than nine field test sites are proving that it takes 3-5 years to collect fifteen qualifying rain events with each different type of stormwater quality improvement device needing a site-specific design and program. We’ll wrap up by discussing the results of stormwater quality improvement devices and their impact on the future of stormwater treatment.

Learning Objectives
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives.

  • Understand the reasoning and logic behind specific protocol requirements.
  • Explore the field monitoring equipment that works…and doesn’t.
  • Learn the water quality characteristics of stormwater runoff on urban footprints.
  • Discover the performance of various SQIDS under low pollutant influent concentrations

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