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Sewage Treatment by Floating Wetlands – Nature’s Trickle Filter


For rural communities, sewage ponds are a cost-effective wastewater treatment process. But with increasing effluent population and rising land costs, how can we enhance these treatment systems in their current footprint? Is there a way for sewage ponds to mimic the biological treatment process of wetlands, allowing nature to improve wastewater treatment?

Join Asia Pacific researcher Andy Hornbuckle for a live and on-demand webinar examining the principles by which floating wetlands treat sewage, as well as the design, application, and performance of floating wetlands for wastewater treatment. With case studies and videos of New Zealand projects, we’ll learn how floating wetlands are a resilient solution to remove contaminants from wastewater, improve water quality, and minimize capital expenditures and operational expenses.

Starting with an overview of the history and application of floating wetlands, we’ll explore how floating wetlands combine man-made and natural systems to biomimic natural floating islands. This biomimicry creates a concentrated wetland effect that acts as a treatment system for Suspended Solids and nutrient removal, including fine and coarse sediment and sludge, nitrogen, phosphorous, and other toxins from non-source pollutant loading. Next, we’ll discuss how you can best design and manufacture floating wetlands to maximize wastewater treatment efficiency. Referencing New Zealand case studies of floating wetlands in sewage ponds throughout the webinar (e.g. retrofit projects, greenfield projects and fine bubble aeration assisted), we’ll learn how you can custom design floating wetlands and different ways to successfully install and maintain them. We’ll wrap-up with a discussion of the costs, where floating wastewater wetlands are headed, and recommendations for future projects.

Learning Objectives
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives.

  • Learn the basic design principles and application of man-made floating wetlands in sewage ponds.
  • Explore the secrets of how floating wetlands actually improve water quality in sewage ponds.
  • Examine the key design features and constraints to consider to maximize project performance.
  • Understand the water quality outcomes and performance of floating wetlands in real wastewater treatment projects.

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