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Coastal Impacts of Rising Seas


The sea level is rising and so are the tides...and floods...and coastal erosion. In fact, the average rate of sea level rise and erosion is only accelerating, and nuisance flooding is up 300% – 925% since the sixties. But increased flooding from rising seas is not the only cause of coastal erosion, and coastal erosion is far from the only impact of rising seas.

Join Peter Hanrahan, CPESC, for the first session of our 3-part Stemming the Tide: Rising Seas and Coastal Erosion Control Master Class Series to explore the impacts of sea level rise, coastal erosion, and increasingly dramatic storm events on our coastal communities and infrastructure.

We’ll kick off this online training webinar by discussing the causes of coastal erosion (e.g. sea level rise, drainage practices, human intervention, etc.), trends in sea level rise, and real-world examples of the coastal and global impacts. We’ll then analyze how sea level rise, flooding, and high tides all impact and fuel each other, as well as examine the water cycle and secondary effects of rising seas (e.g. CO2, turbulence, water quality, etc.). Next, we’ll compare historical and more sustainable erosion control, stormwater management, and water quality solutions to combat rising seas. We’ll wrap up by discussing the outlook for rising seas and coastal erosion.

Learning Objectives 
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives.

  • Develop a clear understanding of the causes of sea level rise.
  • Understand the impact of stormwater management practices on rising seas.
  • Learn the basics regarding the coastal erosion control process and its impacts.
  • Fully comprehend the threats and challenges posed by rising seas and coastal erosion.

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