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Selling Water and Stormwater Rate Increases


How can you put your best foot forward and minimize public backlash when restructuring or raising your stormwater or water fees?

Join Eric Eckl as we explore this question with surveys, focus groups, and other market research techniques from communities around the country to determine outreach dos-and-don’ts for engineers and planners in order to maximize acceptance (or at least minimize backlash) when restructuring or increasing your stormwater or water rates.

Eric will begin this online training webinar by outlining, with real-world examples, the key benefits of stormwater management to emphasize when implementing a rate change, and how you can do so to maximize acceptance of new fees. We’ll then jump into a discussion of common questions and concerns your public may have (e.g. “Don't we have bigger pollution problems to worry about?”) and how to best address them to minimize confusion and discontent. Next, we’ll compare and contrast a series of images and market research to determine the visual components that are most effective in demonstrating the value of new stormwater fees. We’ll follow this up by examining specific tips and techniques you can use to best sugarcoat your total cost and gain support for, or minimize anger over, a rate increase. Finally, we’ll conclude this online training webinar with of discussion of how to restructure your fees to avoid the “raintax” moniker, or the assertion that stormwater runoff fees are simply a tax on rain.

Learning Objectives
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives.

  • Determine which stormwater management benefits to emphasize in order to maximize acceptance of new fees.
  • Examine the concerns residents are likely to have and how to best address them.
  • Distinguish the images that most successfully demonstrate the value of new stormwater fees.
  • Learn how to implement strategies and techniques to sugarcoat your total cost.
  • Investigate best practices for avoiding the “raintax” moniker.

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Session: 1 H 30 M
Credits: 1 PDH / 0.1 CEU

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