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Only You Can Prevent Landfill Fires: Risk Reduction and Prevention BMPs - 2017


What’s the best approach to manage landfill fires? Prevention, of course. This may sound like the obvious solution, but when you’re dealing with a large team of on-site equipment operators and varying types of operating equipment and materials within your landfill, how can you get everyone onboard with a prevention and risk reduction strategy that suits your team and the state of your facility?

Join Dr. Tony Sperling, P.Eng., for the fourth and final session of our Landfill Fire Control Master Class Series outlining the various steps landfill managers can take to dramatically reduce the risk of a major fire. Specifically, we’ll examine risk reduction, monitoring and prevention BMPs, fire safety audits, and how to pass an inspection with examples from two prominent case studies.

In this presentation Dr. Sperling will begin by discussing the essentials of landfill fire risk reduction, including how to: apply proper intermediate cover; manage stockpiles of flammable recyclables; monitor landfill gas extraction systems for signs of spontaneous combustion; and train staff to identify overheating conditions within the landfill. We’ll then jump into fire safety audits, the individuals involved, and the checklist of safety and prevention factors involved. Dr. Sperling will conclude with an exploration of two landfill fire case studies, offering real-world examples and applications of what works and what doesn't for risk reduction strategies.

Learning Objectives
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives.

  • Learn the steps you can take to reduce the risk of a major fire at your facility.
  • Understand why some types of daily and intermediate cover present a fire risk.
  • Examine how landfill management, landfill gas detection and collection, compaction and application of cover materials all play an important part in prevention.
  • Understand how to train your staff to identify overheating conditions.
  • Explore fire safety audits and the checklist of factors that are inspected at landfills.
  • Learn about setting up an effective training program for landfill staff and first responders.

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