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Protecting Your Team: Landfill Fire Health and Safety - 2017


Keeping equipment operators and fire fighters safe during a landfill fire is always priority one. When landfill fires occur, particularly on larger scales, the toxic smoke and gas emitted can exacerbate respiratory and other health complications in those tasked with extinguishment. And with temperatures able to reach unimaginable levels during an outbreak, coupled with smoke and smoldering odors, having a site-specific health and safety plan can mean the difference between a successful extinguishment and evacuation, and experiencing loss of life or lasting injuries.

Join Dr. Tony Sperling, P.Eng. for the third session of our Landfill Fire Control Master Class Series, a live and on-demand webinar examining landfill fire health and safety issues, how to develop and implement a communications plan, and how to keep equipment operators and fire fighters safe during a firefight.

In this online webinar, we’ll start off by examining the scope and applicability of site health and safety plans. Within this discussion, we’ll investigate gases emitted and their effects, respiratory protection against airborne contaminants, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and evacuations. We’ll then jump into communications systems and how to develop and implement a successful communications plan between field teams that involves both verbal and non-verbal signs and signals. Before beginning our question and answer session, Dr. Sperling will conclude the presentation with an examination of a relevant case study to provide an example and lessons on the environmental and health risks of landfill fires and common challenges when dealing with the aftermath when you’re not prepared.

Learning Objectives
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives.

  • Examine the key aspects of how landfill fires impact health and safety.
  • Become familiar with the essential PPE required for all firefighting personnel, including equipment operators.
  • Understand the risks posed by the various gases typically encountered in smoke.
  • Review aspects of working safely around heavy equipment.
  • Understand the different methods of respiratory protection and when each may be appropriate.
  • Determine how to develop and implement a verbal and non-verbal communications plan.
  • Explore how to develop and apply an evacuation strategy for your site.

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