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Controlling the Burn: How to Handle Landfill Fires (Webinar)


While prevention is the best approach to landfill fires, when that fails, it's essential to be prepared with an effective and timely response. If you're not preplanning in advance of a landfill fire, it's not going to be a pleasant situation to control an unexpected outbreak. Understanding landfill fire suppression and the emergency response system are the first steps to controlling the burn and delivering a swift counterattack.

Join Dr. Tony Sperling, P.Eng. for the second session of our Landfill Fire Control Master Class Series, a live and on-demand webinar examining the methods to control landfill fires and the inter-agency incident command structure, which provides a roadmap for how multiple agencies can work together to deliver an effective and swift emergency response. 

In this online training webcast, we'll begin by exploring how to plant the correct method of attack when a landfill fire is discovered. This invariably depends on a number of site-specific factors, including: the nature of the fuel burning, the availability of water and soil, equipment resources, and groundwater conditions. We'll then jump into the four methods of fire suppression, including water suppression, foam suppression, oxygen suppression, and overhaul, as well as illustrative examples from case histories to showcase how these approaches should be implemented. Additionally, we'll review the Incident Command Structure for landfill fires, which is a standardized emergency response and management system allowing multiple agencies of first responders to assume an integrated organizational structure. 

Learning Objectives
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives.

  • Review the various site-specific factors impacting landfill fire control.
  • Explore the available methods of fire extinguishment and when each should be considered.
  • Learn how to navigate the incident command structure of landfill fire first responders.
  • Analyze how to deliver an effective and timely inter-agency emergency response.
  • Determine how to select and implement the best and safest emergency response for your site.

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