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Rogue Warriors of Water Operations: Keeping a Good Team from Going Bad


Water operators are some of the most trusted, knowledgeable, and customer-facing people at a utility. And yet…operators are rarely heard or included in water management decisions. The result…miscommunication, rogue teams, and public safety hazards.

Join returning speaker Melanie Goetz to explore the pivotal (yet neglected) role of Operators in water management, and how you can increase your Operator / Management communication, engagement, and problem solving to improve your water operations and public safety.

In this presentation, we’ll lay out a plan to bring operations back to the water management table. We’ll start with a discussion of the importance of integrating operations within water management, and how as Operators / Managers, you can help facilitate this integration. We’ll take a look at the common communication mistakes between Operators / Management, and how to spot (and mitigate) these before they become a problem. Within this discussion, Goetz will walk through the field-tested communications techniques you can use to facilitate better communication on your team. We’ll also discuss the best practices for Operators / Management when dealing with the public, including: how to communicate the good (and bad) news, how to deal with the press, and how to increase public engagement (e.g., tours, events, etc.). Finally, we’ll take a look at several water and wastewater case studies, and hear how operators overcame adversity to take a seat at the table, get their voice heard, and in the process improved operations, operator safety, and public safety. And…how you can do the same.

Learning Objectives 
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives.

  • Learn how to build / gain respect for Operations in your organization
  • Learn messaging techniques to improve Operations–Management communication
  • Learn why (and how) to communicate good news
  • Learn strategies for Operations and Management to deal with the press
  • Learn the communication rules of engagement and how to implement these in your team
  • Learn how to use tours and events to your advantage

* Presentations are scheduled for approximately one hour with a 15-20 minute question and answer session to follow. Presentation may exceed scheduled time. 
* Each state and certification agency has different requirements; it is your responsibility to know what they are. Note that 1 PDH = 0.1 CEU.

On-Demand Webcast
Session: 1 H 30 M
Lectures: 1
Credits: 1 PDH / 0.1 CEU

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