The Sustainable Site: The Design Manual for Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development - Book


The concepts in this book are so critical to a project’s success and reducing the long-term costs of our infrastructure, you’ll wonder why it wasn’t written sooner.

The Sustainable Site is an essential tool for all project engineers, designers, regulators and planners, managers, contractors, engineers, consultants, policymakers, builders, landscape designers, irrigation professionals, academicians, and water resource managers. This book provides you with:

Buy this extensively updated book and learn from Fifield’s decades of experience and knowledge on such topics as:

  • An understanding of site design that is new, proven and performance-based
  • A standardized reference to specify and design sustainable management practices into site and master plans
  • An understanding of the current state of sustainable stormwater management and the trends affecting this growing discipline
  • 10 standard specifications and design criteria for construction activity stormwater management and land-disturbing activity applications
  • 14 standard specifications and design criteria for post-construction, retrofit, and green infrastructure stormwater management applications

This design manual should be a must-read for all landscape architects, landscape designer, horticulturalists, agronomists, hydrologists, land use planners, and public works engineers, to name a few. Anyone who either disturbs the soil or wants to restore the soil should read and use the information in this book.