Designing and Reviewing Effective Sediment and Erosion Control Plans - Book


3rd Edition

Newly revised and indexed, Designing and Reviewing Effective Sediment and Erosion Control Plans is the one book you cannot afford to be without if you’re in the designing, reviewing, and construction site business.

Buy this extensively updated book and learn from Fifield’s decades of experience and knowledge on such topics as:

  • Water-quality impacts from nonpoint-source pollution 
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Risk determination
  • NPDES general permits, SWPPPs, and how to develop and review effective plans •How to save money and do it right the first time
  • Erosion, sediment, and sedimentation BMPs
  • Using polymers in designing effective sediment containment systems
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of erosion control methods
  • Assessing the limitations of sediment control methods
  • Inspection and maintenance of sediment and erosion control measures
  • Calculating performance goals and effectiveness of sediment and erosion control plans

... and much, much more. Packed with clear, easy-to-follow diagrams that show just what to look for in proper installation and maintenance, Field Manual is loaded with time-saving tips and techniques you can put to use right now that will help you get the job done right the first time.

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