Stormwater BMPs Selection, Maintenance, and Monitoring - Book


If you are an engineer, contractor, home builder, planner, or public official, you face a bewildering array of choices for municipal stormwater BMPs. This book gives you easy-to-use BMP selection tools and practical advice on BMP selection, based upon decades of experience integrating the design, implementation, maintenance, and testing of BMPs to meet municipal NPDES and TMDL goals. Covering everything from structural BMPs to low-impact development, this is a must-have reference for your office.

  • The only book on BMPs to compare virtually all standard and manufactured stormwater treatment devices.
  • Features a BMP selection matrix that enables the user to match appropriate BMPs to site conditions and pollution control goals in order to provide optimal cost benefits for construction as well as longterm maintenance
  • Discusses standards for monitoring pollutant removal effectiveness, as well as techniques for modeling pollutant loadings and removals.

"In the rapidly evolving field of stormwater management technology, this book provides a concise summary to guide professionals through the maze of techniques, regulations, and issues in current practice for reducing urban pollution." - Betty Rushton, Ph.D., Researcher, University of South Florida

"This volume is a valuable compendium describing urban stormwater pollutants, their effects on surface waters, stormwater treatment BMPs and their effectiveness, and BMP selection criteria." - Dan Smith, Ph.D., former professor, University of South Florida, and current President of Applied Environmental Technology



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