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American Alchemy: The History of Solid Waste Management in the United States - Book


A Comprehensive History of the Golden Age of Garbage, Written by a Man Who Had an Active Role in Shaping Every Aspect of Solid Waste Management as It Is Practiced in the US Today

Lanny Hickman helped define the solid waste industry for nearly four decades and provides invaluable insights into virtually every aspect of integrated solid waste management. You will want to keep this book handy, both as a constant reference source and just for diving into at random. This is a great primer for solid waste management planning and packed with fascinating historical images, charts, and graphs—an absolute classic.

Topics include the following:

  • The beginnings of the federal environmental effort /li>
  • Pioneering efforts to improve refuse collection and disposal
  • Implementing a national MSW management strategy
  • America’s organic solid waste legislation
  • The federal program, 1965–1976: The golden years
  • Developing state MSW management programs
  • Solid waste collection and transfer systems
  • Composting MSW: Sometimes a good idea does not sell
  • Processing MSW and fulfilling the resource recovery promise
  • The use of waste-to-energy technologies
  • Reduction, diversion, and recycling: The last frontier
  • Sanitary landfills and integrated solid waste management
  • Key moments in MSW management history

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