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Stormwater Funding: Successfully Establishing a Stormwater Management Utility - Free Report


It’s a perfect storm: Your community is required by federal law to pay for stormwater solutions, but budgets are tighter than ever and taxpayers are strapped. How can your municipality afford to maintain an effective stormwater system?

The answer for an increasing number of municipalities is a stormwater utility. It provides a dedicated, stable funding source for stormwater management. The funding from a stormwater utility doesn’t fluctuate and can’t be diverted to other municipal programs. It even seems fairer to citizens because the only people who pay for it are the ones who benefit from it. Sounds like the perfect solution, doesn’t it?

Stormwater Funding: Successfully Establishing a Stormwater Management Utility is a must-read for any official facing this daunting task. This free report will help you

  • Understand the pros and cons of establishing a stormwater utility
  • Learn how to educate the public before problems arise
  • Discover how the best stormwater solutions succeed in the real world
  • Establish rates that are both fair and acceptable to your community
  • Succeed in resolving your stormwater issues to the satisfaction of both federal officials and your own community



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