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Designing Erosion Control Solutions for Extreme Storm Events


Sponsored by: Tensar North American Green

Mother Nature has many weapons in her arsenal, and each year we see increases in the intensity and in the frequency of 100-year storm events. And with stronger storms comes an increased need for erosion control protection. Are you and your site ready for the next big one? And how can you be ready cost-effectively?

Join Jill Pack for a webcast exploring how to properly design and implement erosion control systems to effectively manage high-flow 100-year storm events using a natural vegetated approach. Discussion includes the latest in erosion control technologies and design tools, benefits compared to traditional designs, and how you can design and apply these new innovations to your projects.

In this webcast, we'll start by discussing the 100-year storm, its increasing erosion potential, and what this means for your site. Pack will then outline the latest in erosion control technologies (e.g., geosynthetics, scour transition, etc.) and design tools available for managing high-flow storm events with vegetated designs. Within this discussion, we'll dive into the details of using geosynthetic reinforced erosion control systems (including their designs, applications, and benefits) and explore how using a combination of erosion control systems and geosynthetic reinforcement solutions can improve your erosion control while cutting costs. Pack will also present a comparison of traditional versus naturally vegetated designs highlighting the differences in project cost, environmental impact, and installation time. Finally, Pack will present real-world examples, project site examples, and case studies of extreme storm events, the applications used to successfully mitigate erosion control issues, and how you can apply these to your site.

Using a combination of project site examples, simple design tools, and the latest in erosion control technologies, this course offers solutions for the reestablishment or the preservation of soils and vegetation for a wide range of applications.

Learning Objectives
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of geosynthetic reinforced erosion control systems in managing high-flow storm events with vegetated designs.
  • Learn how to design and specify proper erosion control systems for 100-year storm events.
  • Learn the differences between project cost, environmental impact, and installation time in traditional and in natural vegetated designs.
  • Learn how to use low impact development (LID) for areas experiencing elevated storm risks.

Sponsored by:

Tensar North American Green is the world's leading provider of comprehensive erosion and sediment control solutions. Over the years, they have developed a range of integrated systems and products with the sole objective to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Tensar North American Green continues to invest in new erosion control technology to ensure cost-effective solutions with exceptional results. Whether your site needs short-term protection or permanent reinforcement, trust Tensar North American Green to handle any erosion issue you may face. For more information visit:

* Webcast presentations are scheduled for approximately one hour. Webcast may exceed scheduled time. 
* Each state and certification agency has different requirements; it is your responsibility to know what they are. 
Note that 1 PDH = 0.1 CEU.

On-Demand Webcast
Lectures: 1
Session: 1 H 30 M
Credits: 1 PDH / 0.1 CEU

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